7 Cups

Upon reading the brief for this week’s blog post, I wanted to find a community that genuinely helps people with day-to-day actions in their life instead of an application that one may turn to specifically for entertainment. With this in mind, I stumbled across website and application 7 Cups. The sole purpose of 7 Cups is to give people that are suffering from emotional distress somewhere to turn to in a time of need.7 Cups

Users can either signup as a ‘listener’ or  someone ‘seeking help.’ Seekers sign up anonymously, where they are directed to a menu to choose what is ‘on their mind’, options include anxiety, family stress and weight management. Once selecting, they are redirected to a ‘listener’, who will have a chat with them.

As well as this, the website offers community forums, where members can discuss problems with people suffering with the same problem. This offers another perspective, and really pushes the idea of ‘community.’

Many people that suffer with emotional distress find it hard to discuss what they’re suffering from with friends and family. Therefore, it’s clear to see the obvious benefits of 7 Cups. The anonymity gives anyone online a chance to discuss problems that they may not be able to discuss anywhere else. It could also be rewarding for listeners, knowing that they’re could be potentially making someone smile and helping someone through the struggles of everyday life.

However, anyone can sign up to be a listener. This could result in people misbehaving on the website and simply ruining the foundations of what the website is trying to achieve.

Website http://www.7cups.com/

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/7-cups-free-anxiety-relief/id921814681?mt=8

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sevencupsoftea.app&hl=en_GB




  1. I personally think this website is a great idea, and is an example of ways that the internet can be used positively and as a resource. I would hope that people who use the sight and choose to be ‘listeners’ would have good intentions and use it because they want to help others, but of course there are people out there who think they are being funny and do not realize how they are hurting someone else by making fun of them and joking around. Unfortunately, the internet can be a cruel environment as well as a positive one, and you always run that risk when you use it.


  2. This is a really useful online community for people who feel they cannot or are unable to talk to their friends or family. Although it is difficult to monitor who is abusing the website and who isn’t (because we don’t know who is on the other side of the keyboard), I would hope there is the option to report something. The idea that anyone can sign up to be a listener is a good idea (apart from the fact people can do it for a laugh) as people may be helping other people based on their personal experience, so are able to be more truthful in how to help and even just how to cheer someone up.


  3. I think this a great and very humanitarian idea for the web-site. It seems to aim to actually create a ‘community’ where people help each other. It is sort of a technologically advanced version of the support groups, such as AA for example. However, as you and previous commentators point out, it has certain limitations. In real-life support groups, people that are not professionals also can contribute to the discussion and talk to to the one seeking help, but this is monitored by someone more experienced. The 7 Cups though, allows anyone to become a ‘listener’ and, even if a person has good intentions, he/she may cause some harm without meaning it.


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