Twitter Communities

It seems odd that people make friends through a social media platform, but it happens. People connect via a common interest, interact and form friendships. When this happens between many of the same people it forms a on online community. The interests which bring people together can be sports; ‘Football Twitter’ is a thing. Or it could be a political affiliation which brings people together; people who share a passion for a particular cause connect over the internet and it creates a platform for discussion.

These communities are largely positive. They bring people together, allow people to find other individuals who share their perhaps niche interests and are a great way for the introverted to express themselves in a comfortable environment. There are always negative aspects to social media: the possibility of receiving abuse, etc. But thankfully we all have the option to mute and/or block people with whom we don’t wish to interact.

Participants in online communities like this can benefit from engaging in debate and listening to (or reading) other people’s points of view on topics in which they’re both interested. One can educate themselves and share ideas on a platform where they will receive mostly honest feedback and discussion.



  1. Being a strong twitter user myself I constantly see the various communities on the site. I always find myself looking at them to educate myself on a topic or get up to date with certain things such as transfers or the Oscars. I agree that the communities are positive on twitter and of course some of them will be negative but overall, very strong blog post and I agree with the points made.


  2. I love the fact that you can give your own opinion or read the thoughts of someone else. Although some would regard this as an annoyance, I do think it helps us grow as a society through understanding each other and look at situations from each persons perspective.


  3. You’re incredibly correct about communities and makes you think about the different uses that individuals have for Twitter. Communities on Twitter allow users to either engage in debate or view the opinions of others. I thoroughly enjoy Twitter during the football season purely because it enhances the enjoyment of watching matches where I’m a neutral…


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