Soundcloud is in my opinion a great example of an online community. There are many benefits to Soundcloud; for example, you are able to upload your own content. This can be anything from a podcast or perhaps if your a musician you may upload your own music. The fact is someone is bound to come across your work which is necessary if your looking to promote yourself. Souncloud allows you to follow others users and join groups as well as creating your own group, which is a similar structure to some social media platforms. So in that sense, there is some aspects of a community being built by you as a user on Soundcloud.

There are some limitations to this online community; for example, Soundcloud in my opinion is only targeting a particular type of audience. I’m not necessarily arguing that this is a negative or a major issue but a community should have a variety of people involved. Due to Soundcloud being about music and podcasts it doesn’t relate to that many people. As media students we can become part of that particular online community if we want to upload an audio file of ourselves. However, it is still a useful example of how online communities can function well with a specific genre.



  1. I beg to differ. I believe music to be a multi cultural language that everyone speaks and understands.

    I think the purpose of this online community is clearly stated in its name – Sound Cloud. Its only function is to hold different genres/ types of sound in order for new or repeat users to be able to return as and when they wish.

    But do remember, this website is not just strictly for music sharing, it is a great outlet for poets – spoken word, journalists and their show reels of vox pops and many more, even you mentioned as a student you utilise this same website. Therefore, it does cater to a wider audience then you would think.


  2. I agree with the pervious comment of music being a multi cultural language which allows it to appeal to a large range of people. However, I do think this community can also be considered as niche. The majority of people who use the site are passionate about music and like to find original covers and songs to give them inspiration. Therefore, this website offer an easy way to find new talent and encourages people to improve as well and produce content. Helping artist to grow in confidence and originality through these online communities.


  3. SoundClash is a great example of an online community it allows anyone the chance to make and share their music, I know aspiring musicians who use soundclash regularly, it’s great for promotion because you can share links to your songs on social media platforms like twitter and facebook. I also love to use it to listen to covers of songs that i like that people have done, its really refreshing to listen to new voices.


  4. I believe that sound cloud is an excellent was to promote upcoming musicians, as well as being a great example of an online community. I agree with the above comment about being a great platform for musicians as they are also able to share their links to their songs on many different social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. This then also attracts more people to join to the sound cloud community, as well as allowing users to recive feedback from their songs which is great for them, as it allows them to adapt and improve themselves and their music.


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