Playstation Communities

Ever since the launch of the PS1 Sony’s Playstation has grown in popularity. On the forefront of gaming console technology, Sony have released the PS4 which has been doing incredibly well.

Along with the PS4 came the online community. It provide the perfect platform for gamers to connect with one another. It allows for users to select their specific need or interest, whether that’s a type of game or a type of support needed. Looking at the website it is clear to see how the community is used by the staff as Sony to cater to the gamers needs, problems and offer support, making them part of the community too. This is vital to the success of the platform. The users know that their issues or gaming comments will be read and answered. It keeps the platform professional and well balanced.

They have an ‘about‘ page regarding the community where they set out rules about the communities that users are joining and instructions on how to do so.  However, the limitations of this community is that the curation and upheaval of these rules are not as strict as they lay out, so sometimes the comments and the feedback can be immature and not constructive. But overall the Playstation community has thrived with the release of the new console, and will continue to do so with the introduction of new games.


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  1. I think what’s great about the online community, especially for gaming you have a great a diversity. It does not exactly matter where your from, your age, your gender. They look at dealing with common issues that everyone is facing and not just a small minority. I think the problem with rules, is that companies need to put something there to protect themselves but I think they know that the majority of the time people will not follow them anyway.


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