My control over personal information is nearly null

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Storify, wordpress, Google+, … I am registered to so many social media platforms that I am not even sure I have not just forgotten one here on the list.

To be fair, I am not really using any as much as I am using Facebook, and maybe Instagram. The main reason why I have so many social media accounts is partly because of the course. During our first year of Journalism we had to create two wordpress- blog pages, and we had to register to Storify, Periscope and Twitter. So I did not really have a chance to get around it. But this only makes me realise how dependent we are on social media even in regards to our future careers.

I think overall I am absolutely not in control of what information is to find about myself online. Even though I am personally only sharing the information I am posting with my friends, I am on so many pictures made by other people, friends, family and event photographers that upload pictures – without them necessarily asking for permission. And that’s not only the case with Facebook but also with Instagram or Snapchat.

Since we were talking about it in the Seminar, I googled myself and – unfortunately – found pictures that I didn’t even know would exist. For that reason, I am aware that I’m not in control of the information available about myself online. And I was shocked that – especially through platforms like LinkedIn everyone is able to find out all your personal information (including address, professional background, home- country, …)

The other problem that I see is the degree of professionality that I would like to keep/ show online.  But most probably this opportunity is already ruined.

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  1. I don’t exactly like the fact that we need to be careful of what we put online in the sense of it reducing job opportunities. I think we still can be professionals at work but I think social media is used to make judgements about us as an individual. Rather than looking at what we can provide businesses in terms of work ethic and ideas that we have. It is all down to misinterpretation of something because content that we upload is only one side of our life; it does not necessarily mean that is the majority of our life.


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