Elefriends is an online community that shows support for people struggling with mental Health disorders, it helps such a wide range of people because it specifies nothing, you could use the site if you were depressed or had social anxiety, if you are 12 or 70. Elefriends slogan describes perfectly what the sites motive is:

“Elefriends is a supportive online community where you can be yourself. We all know what it’s like to struggle sometimes, but now there’s a safe place to listen, share and be heard.”



I  chose this website as an online community because I think it is everything a positive one should be. Elefriends allows people that need help to come together and support one another anonymously. The site allows you to post your own stories. You can write about anything, some people choose to write about the bad days they’ve had and the struggles they’ve faced and in response others give them advice and tell them they’re not alone. Others choose to share their success stories, telling people how it does get better which is so powerful coming from someone that was where they once were.

Not only does this site rely on the public but also if you need serious help or want to talk to an expert there is a ‘I Need Urgent Help’ button which redirects you to experts able to help their best.

I think Elefriends demonstrates the kind of support the development of the internet and social media has allowed people to give. Because this site is anonymous it makes it users feel safe and protected.

You are also able to donate to the ‘Mind Charity’ which is behind Elefriend so if they have helped you, you can donate money enabling them to carry on helping others. I love the positivity online communities can bring and how the internet has been used to spread such awareness about mental health issues and left victims feeling like they’re not alone.


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  1. I think this is a wonderful website and is a great resource for people who need a place to go when they are struggling. It is not easy to ask for help, so it is great that people have a place to go and ask for help without feeling embarrassed, since it is all anonymous. Not only can they ask for help, but it is a source of motivation, because they can read other people’s success stories. It also makes people feel like they are not alone. I hope that there is some sort of system in place to reduce negativity and hostility. It is terribly traumatizing for someone to go somewhere, thinking they are going to get help and then have someone either make fun of them or make them feel embarrassed. It sounds to me like hostility does not really occur on this sight, which is a great thing.

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