Macmillan Online Community

Unlike social networks, online communities are more interesting from a social perspective, because they often consist of people from all walks of life that seem to have no relationship at all. Communities are held together by common interest. It maybe a hobby, something the community members are passionate about, a common goal, an experience, or profession. Clearly people join the community because they care about a common interest that glues the community members together. Some stay because they feel the urge to contribute to the cause and others may come because they feel that they can benefit from being part of the community.

I came across the Macmillan online community, which I personally think is a very powerful online community as you are able share experiences, ask questions or vent your emotions, as well as finding others who understand on the online community. The website includes all types of different categories such as ‘cancer experiences’ and ‘cancer types’, therefore allowing you to pick the category which is best suited for yourself. You may think that the online community website just includes negativity such as people venting their emotion but the Macmillan online community has a larger ratio of positivity. For example it has patients story on their experience with cancer but how the online community allowed the patiences to help cope and speak to others about the diagnosis.

Personally I think that online communities are extremely important to our society, as they allow us to communicate with others who we do not know, but have something in common. The Macmillan website is a positive example of how important online communities are to our society.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 20.05.07


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  1. Online forums offer a great sense of community. With something like Macmillan, I think this is a powerful example of how they provide a sense of belonging to its for its contributors, this online community hits home for me and I have a whole understanding on how it can offer hope, understanding and encouragement; overall positivity on negative issues. When I talk about online communities I consider Macmillan quite a lot, and therefore see these ‘spaces’ as a good thing for us in the digital age, as it brings people together into ‘one room’ without geographical locations being a problem.

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