Audience Participation – Vimeo

Vimeo is a online video hosting platform similar to YouTube. You create an account, post your content, and receive feedback on your content from your peers, through comments or likes.

The thing that makes Vimeo different from YouTube basically comes down to the users. Much like YouTube, the content of the site is primarily made up by the users, the comments, the videos, the popular videos and popular channels are all decided by the users. But on Vimeo the users seemed to take the website in a different direction. This statistic website claims that YouTube has 900,000,00 unique viewers each month, where as Vimeo is said to have only 70,000,000. This makes Vimeo a more niche market, and the people that use Vimeo seem to use it because of this. The niche market means although there isn’t a huge range of different content, the content there is should be right down your street. It also means, in theory, the viewers of your content should be more knowledgeable about the subject, meaning there feedback, comments, likes, private messages are more useful. More of it is creative feedback, to help you make your content better. This niche market is a lot different from Youtubes. If you have ever seen the comments on a YouTube video, anything gets slagged off and brought down in quite a harsh way. Wether that is a music video you spent hours creating or a video of a baby bird stretching its wings. Someone somewhere on YouTube will find a reason to slag it off.


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