The first thing that comes to mind when I think of audience interaction online is YouTube, for starters youtubers have been shaped by their audience due to demanding content that they want to see from the youtuber. For instance Charlotte Crosby’s Q&A was ‘created’ by her audience tweeting her questions. Charlotte then chose a handful of questions and answered them on her YouTube channel – therefore the content in the video has be shaped by the audience, as well as participated in the creation of the video.

I feel that YouTube Q&A allow audiences to interact with people more, as well as getting to know more about the youtuber as the answers are personal to them. Charlottes YouTube contains a variety of content, from makeup tutorials to fitness videos, this allows her to have a diverse audience, which shows from her over 270,000 subscribers. Charlottes style of videos are for entertainment purpose so therefore her videos are extremely relaxed and fun. Another way audience interact with their youtubers is through comments on their video post, in which people can comment what they liked, disliked and would like to see on the future on their channel.

The significance of this type of participation is that the talent (youtuber) wants to keep their audience happy and therefore by audience participation, such as requesting a video allows the audience to shape the overall look of their channel.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 01.34.25


Click here to see – Charlotte Crosby Q&A


  1. I completely agree with you. I always watch several kinds of tutorials on the YouTube as well. It is totally different from the traditional tutorial mode. I think the participation of the audience and YouTubers encourage the initiative of each other’s participation.

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  2. Q&A YouTube videos are the perfect example of audience participation, they are so popular because anyone can send a question they’d love to know to their favourite celebrities and have them answered which is something that without social media and YouTube they would never be able to do! Makeup tutorials are also another great example because they YouTubers take requests from their audience showing them looks they want to know how to achieve.

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