We Media

This week I would like to talk about the ‘WE MEDIA’. We Media refers to these private and independent communicators. They disseminate the information by using modern and electronic means. The information and content can be normative and non-normative. In general, media platforms include: blog, BBS and other network communities. The successful examples are like Facebook, Twitter and several social networking websites. Because in these cases, the audience can shape the process and the results of some social events. Users can become both publishers and audiences. It is easier to do interaction between providers and users and build the relationship between technologies and people.

First, We Media has the features, such as diversification and wider coverage. The users of We Media from several kinds of job,. To some extent, their comprehensive understanding of news events can be more specific, clearer, and more realistic,

On the other hand, the main body of We Media comes from the middle class and the bottom of society. Comparing with the professional reporter and traditional media industry, these amateur practitioners relatively reflects fewer utilitarian. Because they do not belong to any commercial cluster and media companies, also they do not have to receive the examination and verification system, their involvement has fewer positions and prejudices, their comments and analyzing of news and events can be more objective and fair.


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