“Do it for the Vine” was one of those cringeworthy sayings of 2015. However, that’s exactly what many people were doing. Vine is a video-sharing service in which members upload videos of up to six seconds that play on a continuous loop. By uploading to Vine, they are then often shared onto social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. All of the content on the service is created and uploaded by Vine’s users. This allows us to not only consume the ‘Vines’ but create them ourselves.

When Vine first launched, it was mainly used for users to document short snaps of their life and share them to friends, very similar to Snapchat. However, users have shaped the way it is now used, with many people using it for comedy purposes. One of the most popular clips of the last year featured a man pushing down on hundreds of howling rubber ducks. This led to 6 second song covers featuring the screaming ducks, showing how the audience participation shapes other content…

If you somehow haven’t seen it…


Users have also started using Vine for journalistic purposes, which has led to news organisations creating short clips to share with their consumers. A man was coincidentally filming the match between France and Germany when there was a explosion. he instantly uploaded this to Vine, gaining over 400 million loops.

The ease of viewing a vine has interested many more businesses and users and is constantly shaping the content on the platform.



  1. I too love how vine is developing from just being an app for entertainment into a journalistic medium. Social media platforms like Vine give anyone the power to be seen. Vine is a incredibly popular medium and works on audience participation alone. Hopefully vine will eventually be used for good like Facebook and Twitter have been spreading public awareness about diseases and mental health issues through campaigning.


  2. Vine is a very good example of how the audience participation is hugely important. Your example about the guy filming the football match and capturing the explosion and then being able to instantly post it online shows how powerful media apps are. The fact that was able to be posted online immediately rather than it being broadcasted on the news – obviously a disadvantage for people within the news industry. I think the reason why vine became so popular for business and pleasure is because it is different to other apps.


  3. This concept took off immediately and it was completely down to audience participation. I feel that whenever something different and new is released that interconnects people, the idea will be an instant success. I like the fact you mentioned also the mainly uses of a vine. It may only be 10 seconds of footage but anyone can use this to their advantage whether that be business use or just personal.


  4. I found it interesting that you referred to the people watching vines as consumers. Because there are a lot of very popular comedians on vine that branch out through other platforms, I wonder if they build fan bases similar to those on YouTube. If so, I’m curious if there will ever be, or already are, products that are endorsed by viners in vines similar to how some YouTube vloggers endorse products in their videos.


  5. Vine was one of things that although I tried, I never really got hooked on. But I can see the appeal of it. Vine is a great way of creating and releasing your own content with in the community’s 6 second limit. If that be a short inside joke to your friends, or an6 second sketch by “vine famous” teens
    The fact this it’s only 6 seconds means that the content generated can be quite unique, and people come up with new and inventive ways to tell a story in a short time


  6. Vine is so good, the penguins made me laugh, successfully indicating it’s primary purpose! The short duration (six seconds you mentioned) is perfect for our attention spans, and the continuous loop adds to the humour. I never considered the app to have any importance in our day to day lives as I consider it somewhere to go and procrastinate, but as you’ve mentioned it’s involvement in journalism is interesting, however I doubt it’ll take off as a leading app in the industry.


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