SBTv is one of the most renowned YouTube sensations of this era. Created in 2006 by Jamal Edwards – A teen, passionate about locating the next best grime artist whilst using a handy cam that his mother bought him for Christmas. Edwards capitalised on the fact that many who also enjoyed the Grime music genre wished for a platform that showcased the freshest artists and hottest music on the scene.

SBTVIts actually quite funny if we look at YouTube, pre-SBTv. There were less videos of new and up and coming artists. Yes, YouTube had only began a year earlier, but did SBTv set the trend for showcasing talent in such a way?

In my opinion, it did. Although there were videos of this nature prior to SBTv, Edwards capitalised on this concept which I think has made it more prominent today. Also, the channel is user generated – meaning, Edwards looks to his audience as to what or who he chooses to endorse.

The content has been shaped significantly by the audience, which is extremely visible in the viewership. The main purpose of SBTv is to provide its audience with what they want to hear and what they want see –YouTube Logo  new and rising artists. The audience have participated in its creation, through not only its content, but also the platform. YouTube was created in 2005, with the intention of users having the ability of sharing their videos, so this alone is user generated.

SBTv has been around for just over ten years now, and has intentionally been made for ‘the people.’ In many instances,  a show such as this would have transitioned from the internet to Television with hopes of it going global. However, because the internet has become the primary source for todays audience – on a world wide scale, yes there really any point. Created purposely for its audience to control, it would defeat its purpose if it ever moved soely to another medium.
Without audience participation, this show would never have become as successful as it is today.


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  1. SBTV is not only a good example of audience participation, but also how the internet can lead to someone achieving their dream. Due to participation, SBTV have gone on to gain exclusive content within the industry and has led to the brand being one of the most successful out there.

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