Fan Fiction

All the content on fan fiction websites is generated by the audiences. The websites are used as a platform which devoted fan can share their own alternative endings and stories for games, shows, books and many more. As there is no guidelines on these websites the audience can write about anything from hypothetical romance between their favourite pop stars to an untold story of Doctor who. The content produced can be read by other members and allow users to give suggestions on how to improve their content or express how much they enjoyed their writing.

Well established websites such as Wattpad offer users to write their own short stories as well as fan fiction. With competitions and tips on how to start writing, the site is constantly encouraging more content from the user.

I feel these sites have the most niche form of audience participation as member produce alternative content for the media they like instead of just giving their opinion. These websites focus on embracing imagination and improving on basic literacy skills instead of trying to build an ideal digital profile. User are anonymous and do not worry about their image or branding which is often associated with social media sites and YouTube channels.


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