Audience Participation- YouTube

Most of us have they favourite Youtuber that you watch over and over. There are a lot of  people who upload videos on YouTube to grab the attention and to have their own audience. But to became famous YouTuber you have to engage with the audience and be attractive to them.

First and the most popular thing which YouTubers do is Q&A in many different ways. The most popular are asking to write questions as a comment. However, YouTubers are people with imagination, so your favourite YouTuber might give you his phone number or ask you to write the question on the photo and send by Snapchat (yes, I saw that kind of Q&A).

All of the YouTubers who became famous did it thanks to their audience. My favourite example is YouTuber from my country, whose video has more than 150 million views. The video with his dog turned into a spider was shown in many countries. There is even a Wikipedia site just about that video (here) .

This example shows how audience participation and engagement can change someone’s life. Without audience participation, especially online, we would not have YouTubers, because what they do, is to please the audience.




  1. One thing I also question, is how much these ‘YouTubers’ actually appreciate their audience. Like you mentioned, without audience participation, not only will it be difficult to create content, but the funding that some of them make and live off of, wouldn’t be the case with out user participation.


  2. What intrigues me the most is that at the very beginning of the YouTube history, YouTube was created as a platform for people to broadcast themselves. For a very long time the tagline of YouTube was ”broadcast yourself”. It shows that at first YouTube was created in order to let the audience participate, introduce itself to the world. In my opinion, audience participation is one of the most important keys why YouTube is so successful.


  3. I was originally going to choose YouTube as my example, purely because there’s so many examples within the platform such as vloggers, live streams and Q&A’s. We’ve now entered the stage where YouTube is forming it’s own community and many people are going to want to join the community within the next few years.


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