Wikipedia was the first website that came to mind when thinking about what to write about for this post.

Wikipedia a free encyclopedia which can be edited by the public. This therefore does not make it very reliable, which is probably why schools and universities advise against using it as a primary source of information – although the ‘random article’ page can be quite interesting.

I often watch videos made by a YouTube channel called Loudwire and they have a feature which is called Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction.

My favourite video (if you feel like procrastinating) is:

It features one of my favourite bands A Day To Remember. It makes me realise that not everything on Wikipedia is true, even if it seems it and this is why we shouldn’t use it with our studies.

The significance of the audience participation is obviously to share knowledge with the world without the need for a profit and to allow anyone to access information about pretty much anything. Anyone who can access Wikipedia can edit other peoples articles and create more to share with people. However there is the question of whether everyone can actually access Wikipedia, for example people who don’t have access to the internet.


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  1. Because anyone can the existing edit the pages and articles. These people do not have to have the formal training. Thus, some articles may contain some mistakes and errors. Users can not completely depend on it or trust it.


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