Twitch is an online streaming service, where people can live stream them playing video games.

The streams have a comment section where viewers of the stream can comment and talk to other viewers. The streamer can see these comments therefore it allows a direct link between producer and viewer, closing this gap between both.

I regularly watch streams and peoples comments massively shape the way that the content producer makes their stream. The audience can comment on the content, ask for certain games to be played, they can comment on the music bed being to loud or anything like this.

Streamers will look and see a trend in the comments and learn what their audience want and improve on this for the next stream. This showing how significant the audience is in a stream as they are shaping what the user is streaming and how they do so. Most streamers will listen to their comments as they are making content to get viewers and keep their audience happy so they are very open to audience participation and happily allow audiences to change the way they are doing their stream or shape the whole feel of it.


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  1. I remember a time when focus groups where pretty much the only way to investigate how an industry/ company was either moving in the right direction or what it is they could do to improve on whatever it was they were lacking. Now all one needs to do is look down a TL (Time Line) and gather a number of audience generated opinions.


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