Q&As on YouTube

There are many popular YouTubers whose videos are becoming more shaped by the demands of their audience. The most obvious example of this is Q&As. Viewers will send in their questions in the comments section of the previous video or on other social media and the YouTuber will read them, select questions and respond. This is generally for entertainment purposes, although many viewers are looking to be informed about a certain topic, whether that be make-up, politics, or sport. Tanya Burr has a popular channel which has published a variety of content including make-up tutorials. She often asks for her viewers to comment on her videos and leave feedback.

Owen Jones, a political activist and writer has his own YouTube channel too. Most of his videos are in the style of a Q&A; he answers questions posted in the comments section of his previous video. These videos are meant to be entertaining and informative and he is looking to get more people engaged in politics, so audience participation online is an effective way of doing so.



  1. The comment section on platforms like YouTube and Twitch has shaped the sites to what we know today. The importance of the viewers opinion is vital to the content makers and your post highlights the significance of this with sound examples.


  2. I agree, Q&A videos on YouTube are a good example for online content that is mainly shaped by its audience. It’s a trend that is becoming more and more popular, even. Everyone who has their audience on YouTube is starting to reply to comments and demands of their ‘fans’ with another video following. For that reason there are now a lot of topics that are being discussed on YouTube channels (be it about celebrity gossip or politics) that solely aroused from the interest of the audience.

    In Q&A YouTube videos it is not about what the YouTuber has to say but what the people want to have explained (- or elaborated further) by him/ her. Which is why these videos are definitely significantly shaped by the online audience.


  3. The Q&A idea for YouTubers has benefitted them in a way because it allows them to express themselves so their audience can understand where they are coming from. Even, the comment section alone has been responsible for shaping content on YouTube because if there is a video uploaded; viewers will immediately let them know if they want to see more videos like this or whether they did not like the idea. So in that sense the YouTuber has to change their content in ways it is going to satisfy their audience.


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