Facebook is a fantastic example of audience participation; there is plenty for an individual to do whilst being part of the Facebook network. Each person controls their own content; for example they decide what pictures they wish to upload to Facebook, which videos they want to upload as well as the pages they want to like. All these factors alter the way in which the individual profile appears. The benefit of users participating in social media such as Facebook, is that people are still able to like a comment or share a post that you have made with other people, so users will interact and take part with anything they feel as though is relevant at the time.

The significance of this type of participation is that if there were to be an issue that needed through Facebook, whether it is an issue with security on Facebook or whether there was something that caught peoples attention; this level of participation can act as factor that facilitates change in the way we look at or understand things. The fact that millions of people have Facebook, the immediacy to which we like a post or share a video suggests we are each others audience meaning we will continue to shape our own content.


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  1. I agree that Facebook is great example of audience participation, I always find my self scrolling up and down my news feed reading something new everyday. I don’t only use Facebook to keep in contact with my friends and family at home but I also love to use it to share my work on such as videos, where I will then receive feedback from my friends. I love this as it allows me not to only share my work but also learn on what I may want to do better in the future – all by feedback from other people. So yes, Facebook is an excellent example of audience participation.


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