This might be an online community that most of us (hopefully) have never needed and thus might not be able to relate to as much as to others. But I think SUPPORT NETWORK is a very good positive example for an online community that offers emotional and informational support.

It is set up for people that have the desire to exchange their experiences with serious illnesses and medical conditions like – as in the picture illustrated- the suffering from heart attacks, strokes, chronic conditions and many more.


Everybody can register and take part in, either to get advice and support from others that have experienced and lived with similar health problems or even to be the one giving advice to others and telling their story. Overall the website is set up to give ill people hope and solutions.

I picked this online community because I think communities like these are absolutely great and helpful as most people that have fallen seriously ill experience phases of feeling alone or not understood or some might even feel like they haven’t been advised by their doctor adequately (quite possible in the British health care system, if you ask me).                In this community they, for example, find people that can recommend different types of therapies and maybe new angles on how to deal with their medical condition.

I have – and probably many of you do as well – a family member that had to go through a serious and quite critical illness. And I can only say that websites like these are very welcome and make the affected feel better informed and more enlightened about the available opportunities and challenges one has to face.

The website does have a very restricted target group, obviously. It is mainly used by affected people and doctors. However, for the reasons illustrated above it is to say that all members most probably benefit from their participation.





  1. I think this type of online communities are given value by the involvement of personal experiences. This is incredibly useful for those who do not want to hear from specialists because they can relate to those same people. This type of online of community supports each other in a way that many people would not think of. I guess participating in this type of online community gives people a sense of comfort and a sense of reassurance which is what many need if they are going through a difficult time.


  2. This is a perfect example that the internet can be used to change a life. Many of us restrict ourselves to social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter which just provide personal entertainment. However, it seems Facebook are trying to integrate life-changing features into their service – an example of this is the suicide prevention tool which will allow users to report posts that they feel worried about. You can read more about the tool here:


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