SelfieSnapchat enables people to communicate with pictures that show up for a certain amount of time depending on the users choice… with or without filters.

You can send pictures to people individually or to your ‘story’ which means all your friends can view it (as I’m sure you all already knew).

You can view ‘live’ stories about important events happening at that time. This is an example of media convergence because people from all around the world can view the same stories – for example this week there has been global stories on New York Fashion Week and the GRAMMY Awards.

You can also read articles on Snapchat in a ‘discover’ section where it has a range of companies involved such as Sky, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, Mail Online and National Geographic. A user has a varied choice of what they want to read.

Discover 01

It also has an instant messaging option, which means no need to take a selfie in order to communicate with someone.

Implications of Snapchat is that it is only available as an app and also only available in certain app stores (for example the app is not available on Windows Phones).

Although you can save your selfies to your phone, you cannot directly share them from the app itself, which is a lack of connectivity.



  1. When snapchat enabled the ‘discover’ section I thought it was strange. They had decided to add the feature I assume to be more like many other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter that both have an element of news sharing. In a way, I wish that it had stayed with picture messaging. Only because I feel like, at least I, don’t use the discover feature very often because there are so many other places to go to get news that I don’t know if it is a necessary feature.


  2. I agree with the above comment. The ‘Discover’ feature tries to offer a different angle on the news by trying to make it fun and exciting. However, Snapchat don’t seem to know who they’re appealing to – because it certainly doesn’t appear to be us! They should just stick to what they’re good at – that’s allowing us to share pictures with friends…


  3. Snapchat is an excellent example of media convergence, due to variety of features the app involves. Not only do I use this app for entertainment purpose with my friends but I also have celebrities, which I like to follow on a daily basis through their pictures. I also agree with both of the above comments about the ‘discovery’ feature. I feel that the feature doesn’t fit the style of the app. For instance if I want to read a news article then I will use another social networking site/ app to do this.


  4. I agree with you that snapchat isn’t as available as it could be but because of its growing popularity i do believe eventually all phones will be have access to the app and that it will also develop into its own website. SnapChat is a perfect example of media convergence and it uses it to fit its target audience. BuzzFeed, and Vice are up coming forms of journalism with teenage audiences. Their popularity is increasing rapidly into incredibly success numbers of readers. This also promotes SnapChats because they share the same audience, therefore both forms of media, whether it being social (SnapChat) or journalism (Vice and BuzzFeed) promote one another.


  5. Snapchat seems to be stretching to try and reach every platform of media it can. When it first started off it was nothing but photos, or videos with a little bit of text on the front. Now you can chat to people, as you would on Facebook or Whatsapp, you can temporarily Skype with the other person through the live view on the chat, they have the news and different tv channels such as discovery on there discover feacher and they also has snap story’s for whole cities where the people in that city can post about there culture and show the world. It feels as if snapchat are trying to hard. Most of the people I know that use snapchat use it for sending photos and videos, and nothing else? So why do they try so hard to cover all of these different forms of media in one little app?


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