Newspapers and the Internet

So many forms of media that we use presently are examples of media convergence. For example, the smartphone, online gaming, Netflix and other streaming services and the Kindle have all come about through the convergence of various forms of media. Another very significant example of media convergence is the creation of online versions of newspapers, and in particular, the emergence of video content on official YouTube channels of mainstream newspapers.

Due to its incredible convenience, people want to access news on the internet because it’s immediate and free. And if it’s interactive, even better. The newspaper perhaps most aligned with the establishment, The Times, has a YouTube channel on which they publish entertaining and informative videos. The Guardian also have a YouTube channel. On their channel, there are various playlists: Guardian Docs, This is the NHS, Comment is Free, Guardian Investigations and so on – much like their website and printed newspaper. So, the online video content that newspapers publish is generally and extension of their written content in digestible chunks, designed to bring more online traffic to their content as well as inform and entertain their audience.



  1. Newspapers are struggling to make money as the popularity of reading something for free online is easier and less time consuming. Newspapers in a way have benefitted from the online world because they can attract a wider audience; their headlines are effectively the words that you would type in a search engine like google, if you wanted to know about a particular news story. Newspapers creating their own apps as well to reach out to their audience through their smartphones providing updates through notifications. The independent maybe taking a risk by sticking to online but I think if it is successful most newspapers are going to follow their footsteps.


  2. Most of the newspapers have websites and provide news online. However, the printed and online version is different. They have a different layout and even different text. What I think online newspapers want to achieve is online subscription. Sooner or later it will become more popular and all of the newspapers will have an online subscription.


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