Media Convergence- Skype

Media Convergence is an interaction between different media forms and platforms( Henry Jenkins 2006). It can be divided into five different forms of convergence: Technical, Economical, Social, Cultural and Global. Let me focus today on a very popular app which is Skype and its connection to those forms.

Skype is basically an application, which allows you to call, text and see each other with another skype user. It is available on your phones, laptops, iPods, tablets, so another words you can use it whenever you want. But there is one thing which makes Skype so popular. It is free. And for free you can call anybody thousands of miles away and sees them like they were sitting next to you. It helps you to communicate with your friends and family when you cannot do it personally.

Thinking about communication now and in the past, even 20 years ago, we are very lucky to leave in the times when we can communicate without almost any problems. Of course there are always some technical issues but we know it is a matter of time.

However, using apps like Skype caused problems for other communication brands like mobile phone companies. We should think about the impact which Skype might have on our future life.

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  1. Skype is one of my favourite apps to communicate with friends and family over. I particularly love Skype as it allows me to video call my brother and sister over in Australia for free of charge! If I was to call them on a mobile phone then it would cost me an astonishing amount! The fact that Skype is available on so many different media platforms like you have stated above, makes it extremely handy to contact people wherever you are. However I don’t think that Skype will cause that many problems for mobile phone companies in the future, as it has already been round for 13 years. Although it has allowed iPhones to keep up with the competition by bringing out ‘FaceTime’ in 2010, which is almost identical to Skype, however can only be used on an apple device.


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