Media Convergence: Reddit

One example of convergence that is common among people our age is Reddit ( It is an online community where people can post funny pictures or videos, share articles, start discussions about current events or important topics, and even seek advice. People use it as a resource for information and news, and also for pure entertainment.

For example, this article about the Grammys talks about how the audience was the lowest it’s been since 2009 ( This link is completely for pure entertainment but was also shared not far below the other link: Another link that was shared includes a Youtube video with Ronda Rousey on the Ellen show talking about her defeat against Holly Holm.

Reddit brings together many different types of media (pictures, video, text and audio), and also brings different websites and sources (Youtube, Business Insider, BBC, etc.) all into one place. One implication may be that some information you find isn’t totally true. Another is that it has been notorious for being a distraction, from things like homework, or other important tasks people should be doing. It affects people’s ability to focus on a singular task as opposed to constantly multitasking.


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