An Example of Convergence – Youtube

The media platform I chose as an example of media convergence is Youtube. Now although this may not be a particularly obvious example of convergence, I still believe it is.

Henry Jenkins (2006) described media convergence as “the flow of content across multiple media platforms”
To take this further, I believe that convergence will eventually lead to the fusion of all forms of media, which will result in a whole new platform that we share, view and access our media from. And Youtube, is a prime example of this.

In 2006, Google bought Youtube. Nothing really seemed to change, the website still functioned as before and only minor updates were applied to the site, so when I joined up in 2007 I was none the wiser. But in 2011, Google launched Google+ their answer to Facebook, in an attempt to get onto the social media ladder as it were. Quickly after this Google started to link Youtube channels, with Google+ accounts that used the same email. Which isn’t a bad idea right? Anyone that accesses your Google+ can now see all of the media you have posted on Youtube, and vice versa. Now I never had a Google+ account until 2013, but when I went to set one up, Google filled out the form for me because they had all of my information already from my Youtube channel. After clicking join, I suddenly found myself with a Google+ account, a Gmail account, and a Youtube account. And they all linked back to my search engine. All of these different forms of media were suddenly intertwined in one “super” account that had information on half of the stuff I access and post on the internet.

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  1. After reading your post, I do agree that YouTube can be an example of convergence. Although the features may be available separately, they all seem to connect with each other.

    A bad thing about having some of the features available separately but connected together is that for example the user may like YouTube but not Google+ for whatever reason, so them being connected together may put people off using it. Also people may prefer to use a variety of media outlets for different reasons such as Facebook for connecting with friends, Instagram for sharing photos and YouTube for viewing videos.


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