The transformation of industry

With the World Wide Web, smartphones, tablet computers, smart televisions, and other digital devices, we are able to access media content that was once tied to specific new platforms. Media convergence means media channels becoming less separate as technology develops,which means convergence will reshape the way we think about interpersonal connection in the digital age.

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Nowadays, because of the appearance of the Internet, the industrial logic of mass, reproduced cultural goods was uprooted. For example, in market of music, iTunes was the first attempts to sell downloads of songs as physical goods, also pricing them as products. We can download it like salable objects. The value of content’s materiality is relative, downloads are in turn regarded as more ” tangible ” than before. Also we have other online distributors, which, besides iTunes also included Google Music, and other smaller platforms, totally changed the scene of music production and distribution. On the other hand, the audience can access to any music and relative information at anywhere, the freedom

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Comparing with the physical stores, such as HMV. The traditional music  advertising is declining with the development of the new trends. Physical stores circulation is down while audience of online market are up. Meanwhile, the whole new media is growing.



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  1. I completely agree! I will never forget times where I would have to record my favourite song from the radio and make sure everyone near by was absolutely quiet so the recording wouldn’t pick up surrounding noise.

    We’ve really come along way since then, however I do feel the essence of the music industry has become lost along the way.

    If I recall, the purpose of an artist releasing a single, EP or LP etc. was to share his/her music when they wanted to and to obviously make a living.
    In 2016, everyone is in such a hurry to be the first to hear a song that the content is barely even paid attention to (one of the reasons why a lot of music sounds the same OR a lot of old material is reused!)
    Artists have had to pursue other career paths in order to ensure they have money in their pockets. For e.g. from being a clothes designer to creating alcoholic beverages etc.
    This is the reason I believe we have inventions such as Soundcloud and iTunes.


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