The Mobile Phone

It’s clear that the mobile phone is one of the prime examples of convergence. It has developed drastically over a short period of time. I almost feel as though my generation have been the guinea pigs through it all!

The mobile phone has been extremely beneficial to todays generation but was once just a simple tool to call or text someone, usually on a landline, (haven’t heard that word in a while!) The landline was definitely a hinderance, especially to my parents. I ran up the phone bill to crazy heights, only talking to a friend who lived a couple of doors down from me – whoops! – I digress…

British Telephone Box

The Evolution of the mobile phone

The Nokia 5110 was a major turning point in my lifetime, but if we move down the timeline,  (The Evolution of The Mobile Phone) we had the new and improved Sony Ericssons which catered specifically for listening to music. A bit more further down the line, we began to gain more and more access to the internet with phones such as the Blackberry and other ones that were business like.

The implications for users and audiences has meant that the mobile phone has slowly made us unconsciously turn to relationships through the screen of our mobile phones, whether its through various communication apps e.g. WhatsApp, through online or app access to emails or through playing multiplayer games with unknown users half way across the globe.

The media industry has for sure taken a blow financially causing companies to re-stragise the way in which they advertise and approach there customer. Everything is gradually becoming digitalised, which is why many companies are turning to the internet and app making industry i.e the mobile phone, to make a profit.


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  1. Our phones are an excellent example of convergence as we can access almost everything easily. When accessing apps, social media platforms, music and games there are often button that can direct us to other medium which are deemed relatable to us. This makes looking for thing on the internet fast and convenient.

    However, being able to access everything in one places makes me question whether phone will be the only platform in which we gather information in the future. Will we eventually not need technology such as laptops, tablets and video consoles?

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