When I was thinking of an example for media convergence; there were many that sprung to mind but I thought it would be useful to use something that may not exactly be known to many. Storify is a great example of media convergence; it is a useful tool for those who are aspiring journalists or even for those who wish to create their own stories from scratch. Storify allows individuals to search for a variety of things relating to a particular issue; for instance if you wanted to search something about David Cameron, you can look at facebook, twitter, YouTube all of which will provide you with some area that may interest you.

It is very simple to use, all you do is drag the video or images that you want to use with your story. For users in particular it allows them to make something simple and basic which anyone can follow and easily understand; the benefit is that you don’t exactly need to leave the site in order to use something, you can access everything you need there and then. You can look at other stories within the site which is another benefit and once you have finished making your story you can publish it for others to read.


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