Media Convergence: Video Games

Video games, in the modern age is a perfect example of media convergence.

Being able to play video games online has resulted in people being able to play the games together. It has significantly changed the industry by allowing gamers to increase the value output of the game and for communities to be set-up.

The main example I’m going to use is Farmville. We all know Farmville as the annoying Facebook game which people spam requests out every minute however, Farmville is a great example of showing how media convergence has shape the industry.

Video games meeting social media has meant, more of a community has been built, it allows people to invite players from all over the world and finally allows gamers to create and share their own content (their farms) to their friends on Facebook.

These games can only exist through convergence as Facebook markets, distributes and provides the platform for these to be played on. These have spawned like-for-like games such as Cityville. Showing how this innovative move by creating games on social media has inspired other games and started a whole new industry of video gaming.

Video gaming has changed immensely due to convergence and now they are arising via all different mediums.


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  1. I completely agree with video games being a great example of media convergence; the fact that it originally started from arcade machines to the development of consoles to play at home. Now many games are not only being developed for consoles but they make applications for games depending on the type of platform. Some games may not exactly work on smartphones as well as they do on tablets. I guess you could say the oculus rift is going to be the next developmental stage in converging different types of media.


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