Media convergence in this instance is the interlinking of computing and other technologies which, brought me to think of FaceTime. The application, which can be accessed by Apple users, brings together communication and computing over numerous platforms. The app allows you to video call other users and communicate with them through a webcam or another Apple device’s camera, for instance, the iPhone.

One of the most significant themes of media convergence is the ability to send more information further and faster. This feature is a big step in telecommunications. Not only can people across the world use this to talk to one another, it’s becoming more and more advanced every time Apple upgrade their devices as new technology is developed. For instance, a new iPhone is released every year, with this comes new features such as a upgraded camera. This allowing FaceTime users to view whoever they may be calling in HD or in the future even better. Whilst you’re at home or out and about you can constantly be connected with friends or family. The fact you can visually see the person on the other end of the line creates a connection unlike a regular phone call. This being because you can view there reactions or see there expression. The tag line Apple use which sums this up well is, ‘Now your smile goes further’.

The downside as with most applications like this (such as Skype) is the fact it is breaking down what it means to actually be social. Apple’s selling point is that, ‘you can catch up, hang out, joke around and stay in touch with just a click.’ but is this really how people should stay connected? I personally feel it bridges the gap between the time you spend with friends until you next see them. Fingers crossed this won’t become our only way of communication..

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 13.42.56.png


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