Spotify is an international service which allows user to listen to music from their mobile, computer and tablet via their app. On the service individual are able to share music they are listening to with other people on spotify as well as their friends on facebook, twitter and instagram. With the new playlist feature individual are able to create and listen to playlist created by spotify and other user. This can be shared to allow friends to listen to the same playlist easily.

For each artist the website show figures of where they are most played  in the world and where they are next performing. Individuals can click on the events they may want to go and will be led to the website where they can buy tickets. Spotify also give suggestions to other artist they may want to go see based on the genre of music they most listen to.
However the convergence has led to less people buying artist music and decreases the artist revenue. In which some artist has reframed from placing music on the site. I think this could lead to people paying for the use of the service to ensure artist gain a decent revenue. 


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  1. Spotify is probably my favorite app (I do pay for premium). I will admit that it probably isn’t great for the industry in terms of money, but I think it’s great for it’s sharing and discovery features. I do wonder how much of the money that people who pay for premium pay actually gets back to the artists that allow their music on the app. I wonder if changes like this will lead to a music industry with a base in sharing music and the experience rather than so much in money.


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