Something that was and is significantly shaped by the audience, and that is to find online, is the web- side Yahoo! Answers. It’s an online portal for everyone made by everyone (who wants to participate). As you can ask any question and you will get the answer from someone who knows, has experiences with the same problem or can give advice.


It is one of the many community- driven Q&A sites, and probably one of not so many online sites whose content is mainly – if not absolutely – written and therefore shaped by the user itself/ the audience.


As it is from Yahoo it is most probably not set up by the public, but all the content is exclusively from the user and for the user, regarding current news topics, household problems or questions like “how do I structure an essay?” (or rather weird questions as well). The questions are categorised so that you can (1.) easily search for related questions and (2.) look into the categories you might be an expert in and can offer advice yourself.


To make the user participate actively, and not only look if someone has already asked this question previously – there is even a point system that defines your “user level.” (You have to register and then you can participate)


And, like in most of these Q&A websites, your answers will be rated by other users so that the most rated answer appears first.


I explained all of that to show the significance of the user’s participation. It is solely existing due to every single reader that puts his input it – be it questions or answers.



  1. The Q&A style websites are a good example. Showing how user content is vital for these sites to function and the audiences who answer and read the users posts are shaping what is posted on this site. Very good example of audience participation and the significance of this too.


  2. Yahoo Answers is a good of example of audience participation; I like the idea where anyone, it does not matter exactly who, are able to provide an answer about a particular topic. You may just want to know a tiny bit of information and it is guaranteed you will find it on there.


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