What does the Future hold for the Media? – Article

When searching for an online resource, which will be suitable for students in this module I came across an article on the website ‘world economic forum’, which talks about what the ‘future holds for the media’.  I found this article to be extremely interesting and suitable for this module as Andrea Stroppa explains how the internet has been a game changer in modern society, which we have discussed on numerous occasions in class . As the internet and social networking has became a priority in our every day life, which continues to grow.

Today billions of people are online and mobile devices enable for them to share news and multimedia context with a global audience. For example Twitter allows us to keep up-to-date with news, often beating news papers to the point, however not always accurate like a news story in a newspaper. I also find it interesting how she discussed the overall role of journalism rapidly changing, which makes me question if it is better stick to old news reporting or to create click-baits?

Overall I found this article to be very helpful for us during the module, due to the range of knowledge, questions and discussion Stroppa includes throughout her article, which allowed me to question the future of the media, along with increasing my knowledge on the media today.




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  1. This article does seem really relevant and interesting, I am guilty of finding out about a lot of the news through Twitter but you’re right in saying it isn’t always accurate, I always make sure I properly look up a story I have first read on social media. I too always use my phone instead of buying and reading a newspaper, its easier, faster and free, however I do hope that journalism can adapt to the digital age, perhaps with more advertisement online or subscriptions to their sites to access the news. It would be an awful thought to think that the future for the news is reading about Kylie Jenners new surgery on twitter and that ‘real’ news has become extinct.

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