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When I wrote my first essay for media and society, I struggled to find articles to support my arguments. I know some of you will have heard of Google scholar previously but this search engine was introduced to me by a friend from another university and it helped me so much to find other material to back up my essay.

Google scholar is an online search engine which allows users to source physical and online articles and books. It searches a large selection of sources from universities, academic studies, professional societies, online repositories, etc. Like google, what you search is ranked so the most relevant result will be listed first. Whats also interesting is that you can view how many times the article has been cited, this can help validated how trusted the author may or may not be. Below is an advanced search box which, allows you to go into detail as to what sort of text you are looking for. As a student, you have access to countless databases that cover a wide variety of disciplines and areas of research all for free! and you do not even need to leave your dorm room.Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 18.45.01

I have attached a link to Google scholar and also a few articles I have found using the search engine, relating to future lecture topics.,5




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  1. I agree, I also haven’t heard of Google Scholar until very recently (when I was searching for academic sources to back up my last essay regarding gender portrayal in the media). And I think it is absolutely recommendable and will be helpful for everyone doing this module. Especially because we will have to write an essay in ‘Network Society and the Media’ and it is always beneficial to know more online websites to look for academic resources than only our Westminster- library- search website.

    I also liked the fact – which you mentioned as well – that (1.) it’s for free, and (2.) you get a lot of information that enables you to decide which reading is the most trustworthy and most cited one.

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