The Hidden Internet

The reason I decided to share this information with you is because it is useful for anyone who wishes to understand the media. These facts are not yet taught in school or university, but will inevitably expand your knowledge for the World Wide Web. This link provides a good theoretical explanation on the Hidden Internet.

How the Deep Web Works

Did you know that Google provides access to less than one percent of the entire data on the web? So where is the rest of the data hiding? In the Deep Web. The deep web accounts for all of the unindexed data online – most often sensitive data of governments, banks, universities, corporations, and user accounts. This data is thousands of times larger than the Surface web – the content we access on daily basis. The deep web can be accessed only by software such as Tor that enables anonymity. It is used by journalists, politicians, whistleblowers, and normal people for private communication and data protection. It is often mistaken for the Dark Web, which is a part of the deep web, and is mainly a black market for illegal goods and services. Have you heard of recent news stories concerning the Deep/Dark Web?



  1. I thought this was rather interesting information, I had no idea about anything regarding the Deep Web. I found it really baffling that Google only lets the public access less than 1% of it’s entire data. I think it is relevant for everyone to know about and be aware of. For example, it is helpful to know the distinction between the Dark Web and the Deep Web.


  2. Your blog post was very interested, because I knew nothing about Deep Web. At first I thought that you write about the Dark Web, but at the end of the post you mentioned that it is only a part of the Deep Web. What surprised me the most was that Google provides access to less than one percent of the entire data on the web. As media students, we must be aware about such things as the Deep Web. The article was also worth reading, thank you!


  3. Your blog post is really interesting! I had heard about Google only showing 1% of the Internet before but I never really put much thought into what the other 99% of the Internet is, or how you would access it. I just assumed if it wasn’t on Google it must be because it’s a bad website!
    It’s really interesting to see that you can access these parts of the Internet through special software. But what I find most shocking is that this information is t taught in school, or even university! I’d expect something like that to be common knowledge.
    Great resource, thank you


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