One click away

As we all know BBC three produces a lot of controversial documentaries which explore the struggles of living with mental health issues to the secrets of China. Currently they are doing a documentary series Called ‘one click away’. This series looks at different aspects of the Internet expressing its benefits and disadvantages.

I believe these documentaries are beneficial to our module as they enable the viewer to understand the internet’s impact on our daily life, and how it can lead to dangerous situation if not used properly. A documentary I particularly enjoyed is the ‘rise of the superstar vlogger’ which looked at how influential vloggers are in today’s society and the financial benefits gain by those who vlog. What really surprised me within this documentary was how obsess people are with YouTube vloggers and how much time the vloggers invest into their content.

These documentary are solely based on aspects of the Internet and allow us to understand its effects on society rather then its history. I think knowing the effects of the Internet is important to this module as well as our individual courses as it plays a large part in every form of media.



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  1. I find it interesting that you brought up vloggers and their impact on society and financial gain. I never personally took vloggers seriously, but they can make a substantial amount of money, enough so to support themselves. For some I think they view it as their career. There are also some theories about the impact that vloggers have on their viewers due to their endorsements of products and worries that it encourages a consumer society and identity.


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