Recently I came across the blogging platform

When I was writing my essay for Media & Society class last semester, I was researching the effect of political and economic forces on news media production. One of my arguments was that news media sources owned by commercial corporations aim to be financially beneficial by attempting to attract bigger audiences and, therefore, their content is highly consumer-oriented. In other words, the more attention issue receives by public, the higher its media coverage is going to be and I was trying to find some sources to support this argument.

One of the examples I provided was the fact that terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut last year received different media coverage. I was trying to find academic or statistical proof of it and discovered this article on by Suman Deb Roy called ‘Paris and Beirut: Data suggest how Social Media shapes the Coverage‘. The article provides a detailed account on coverage of both issues and proves the correlation between social media attention and media coverage. The information is presented in graphs and is well written and easy to understand even though it uses statistical hypothesis that not everyone is familiar with.

I think the article is interesting because its findings are applicable to the media production in general. It is relevant to the modern society as there is rising concern and debate about what is news and what is considered to be newsworthy.

I recommend you check out the platform as it has interesting articles with unconventional points of view.



  1. I’d never heard about Medium before and it’s a great source, especially for Journalism which is what I study. It’s useful to see unique perspectives on topical events and it’s especially relevant to our module as it just goes to show how social the internet has become and how networked we are on these platforms.


  2. I found this website quite interesting for me, especially when it comes to different perspectives. In today’s world, we have to be really careful when we reading the news because we want to be objective. I think this website is a good source when we want to see different points of view.


  3. I want to thank you for your recommendation. I am really interested in how terrorist attacks can be covered in the different media platforms. This article inspired me to think about the correlation between social media attention and media coverage. I will definitely come back to this website again, it find it really useful, because different perspectives of ideas are represented.


  4. I personally have never heard of this website but when I went on the website it pretty much defined this module. It allows you to read current stories by individuals as well as contribute by writing your own story. The topics are broad; it doesn’t just look at politics but it provides some form of inspiration for people. I guess you could say that you will read something on there not just because it is ground breaking stuff but just because of your curiosity.


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