When we get bored of reading that book or planning that essay, we may turn to YouTube, Instagram or/and Facebook to see something more entertaining such as a funny video someone shared is a fun combination of articles, videos and images which can help with studies and keep it interesting.

Here is the link –

I picked out a few articles for you to look at:

There are articles related to the university lifestyle –

Articles about social media –  

There is even a whole section of the website dedicated to Apple lovers –

Aviary Photo_130995953190558455

Then just for the fun of it, there is a section of ‘how to’ articles… including this one –

There are a lot of articles to do with the technical side of the media, technology and also social media.

This website can help broaden your media knowledge, help you to learn something new (that may be interesting to talk about with your friends) and do something productive in your spare time.




  1. I have never used this website and found it to be very useful yet entertaining. It definitely has something to interest anyone and can be used for both educational and entertainment purposes. There is an entire section for Tech/Business which can be very useful for our module, and there are also articles with tips on time management, how to be a better student, and more. I found the following article very interesting, and it talks about how people who create their own work schedules and have more freedom to do their work are actually significantly more productive than those with set, 8 hour work days.


  2. Ive never seen this webpage before but it definitely seems entertaining. Theirs so many articles on technology and television which will benefit me when I go on to write my essay! I’m also looking forward to taking a break and reading through the life-hacks, I could do with learning how to balance my manage my time more productively…


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