Ideas Worth Spreading

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading through TED website, TED can be the most popular talks website mainly because of its new forms of media and contents, covering almost all areas, science and technology, arts, culture, etc.,We can find the our subconscious favourite contents by TED. Each high-quality TED speeches are not just entry-level, also not obscure, it lets each audience who received the basic education can understandthe main contents at least.

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The next thing is the spread form of Ted. In addition to the free video resources on the official website and TED Global, there are thousands of TEDx organizations around the world as well.  We have the opportunity to feel “ideas worth spreading”Both online and offline, which is the main purpose of Ted. Although in third world countries, there are still many shortcomings of TEDx, TEDx really contributes dramatic power in order to popularize TED worldwide, TED can pop up with these passionate TEDx organizations are closely related. For efficiency and quality, within twenty minutes, the result of a long-term researching process of a person needs to be shown clearly and completely, Ted as a combination of television and new media not only is the own skills test for a speaker, but also brings audience the new form of information dissemination, which is more suitable for today’s network society. In fact, it is very difficult. It actually changes the traditional learning habit, also the way we get information and resources.



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  1. I heard about that website before but actually I have never been there. It is good to know that this website provides different areas for everybody. I also like the format of speeches, which I think is more interesting for students.


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