Business Insider UK

A resource I find to be particularly beneficial to students in this module is Business Insider UK. This website is a great way to read about current events, such as politics, and also read about Finance, Technology, Companies, Lifestyle, and much more.

Business Insider can relate to this module because if there is ever a time where you need to look up a current event or a specific subject, this website probably has something about it. It’s also very reliable.

The Technology section is particularly useful because a lot of what we discuss in this module revolves around social media, the development of the internet and technology. You can also find articles about how technology affects people or how they are using it. This can be particularly useful when you need to link a point in class to a specific real-life example.

A specific example is this article about how Facebook is developing a network that delivers both faster internet, and brings internet access to parts of the world that don’t yet have access. This relates to our discussions in class about globalization and how the internet contributes too much to it.


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  1. I haven’t heard of this website before and I think it is a great suggestion. As soon as I visited Business Insider UK I could directly see what you mean in your post. It’s a perfect website for our module as it gives a lot of information about the newest Tech developments and deals with our networking society.

    It discusses latest news – in regards to what is happening in our new media environment, such as talking about apps and profits made by media industries/ businesses developing these apps.

    For example, I read the article on the front page about how Soundcloud had to face a huge loss of about 40 million euros, and how this development can be linked to the changing online- media usage (–> impact of media convergence)

    So I agree that regularly reading this websites provides you with important updates and with a good overview about what is happening in the digital society – and we will need that for the module.


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