BBC Radio 4 Morning Program

When I am thinking about resources which help me as a student, first thing which comes to my mind is BBC Radio 4-morning program. Every day at 6:00 am there is a radio program which touches difficult issues and current topics. The program takes about three hours because it gives many information and touch many different areas.

The reason why I think this radio program is a great source of information’s for a student is because as future Media workers we should always stay up-to-date and this radio program provides all information we should know. It is also straightforward so you know only thinks which are newsworthy. Moreover, you can hear what’s in the news of the day in press review and which newspaper is writing about a thing which is interesting for you.

Also, they say about issues which are taking place in parliament, so as a person who lives in England you should know, what are the current debates. What is more, there are always speaker guests, who are speaking about current affairs. It gives you an understanding of the topic and helps you as a student understand Media and checked it more deeply.

If you want to stay up-to-date, Morning program on BBC radio 4 is one of the best ways.


  1. I’ve always believed that each news outlet has a hidden agenda, therefore have never believed solely what they’ve had to say.
    I don’t believe every news corporation tells you everything you need to know, for example the BBC always takes a British perspective on events across the globe whereas lets say a Russian station would offer a Russian perspective.


  2. I listen to the radio a fair bit on my phone when on the tube and traveling around London, but generally only to music channels. I always thought the BBC can be very good at sharing a whole range of information on different topics, and look at those topics from different angles. But recently I’ve been doubting that. Since Jeremy Corbin became the leader of the opisktion, the BBC’s impartial approach seemed to disappear, which now makes me question how impartial they were about other subjects. Much like Afia was saying in the comment above, I now think most news outlets have there own opinions and agenda, that’s gets in the way of true impartiality.


  3. I agree with the comments made about not trusting any news outlet fully. However to gain a fair prospective on an issue it is good to look at a range of news in the form of different mediums. Listening to radio stations allows us to experience different opinions on current issues as radio stations tend to be more interactive with a verity of people calling in. I would suggest LBC as another good radio station for this course. It often explores issues in the news and usually get callers who are within the industry or profession they are debating about.


  4. One of our teachers also encourages us to listen to this programme to keep abreast of the latest news. In my country radio is not that common medium for people to get their news from, so I was reluctant to try listening to it. But I find it really useful, as it provides great overall view on the main stories and debates and they also have guest speakers which makes it interesting to listen. I agree with previous comments, but I think that Today show is a great starting point. I use it to learn what are the main stories and then read more in other sources about the ones I am interested in.


  5. As media students, it’s crucial that we’re always staying up to date with current affairs. A good way to do so is by listening to a radio news programme on a daily basis. However, as students, we may not have the time to listen to a three hour show every morning! Radio 4 also broadcast an informative half-an-hour show at 6pm every evening, which may fit in around the day a bit better!


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