Attempted Assassination

Thankfully, there were no injured parties at this Brazen Assassination Attack on a Politician Caught on Tape. The fact that the attempt was made in assassinating a very influential member of a political party member in Bulgaria,which we, the public were able to see, just moments after it happened, was a phenomenon on its own accord – in my opinion.

Heart stopping moment when would-be assassin aims gun at Bulgarian opposition leader’s head and pulls the trigger… but victim survives after weapon misfires

Bulgarian gas pistol attack ‘was stunt’

Ahmed Dogan attacked by armed assailant in Bulgaria

Just a few variations of what different outlets had to say, and prime examples to students studying this module of how every outlet today, has its own way of defining a news story. Every outlet may not be exactly the same and not every outlet will be true, but these examples identify how simple it is to be drawn into the opinion of what each news corporation tries to project.

To also access information today, has become way to simple, once again in my opinion. Some might call it useful and some might call it an obstructive tool. Useful because of the direct connection between the producer and consumer – helping information to reach the individual directly without having to consult a middleman e.g. TV series, then advert etc. The internet gives us the pleasure of pop-up windows. Some may call the internet an obstruction because of the information we read; we are force fed ideas simply across various platforms.


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  1. This is quite an interesting case to analyse. By critically comparing these articles, one can notice whether these outlets provide impartial information.
    Let’s take the BBC report on YouTube for example. At some point, the reporters say: “How did the gunman got in? – He came out of nowhere.” No, he did not come out of nowhere. He came through the door, where he must have passednumerous security measures such as policemen, full body scanners, and Dogan’s personal guards. Does that make sense to you so far?
    Furthermore, if we question the motives of the gunman, they are unclear. If we look at the consequences however, we get a clearer picture. This event gained the MRF party huge media coverage, popularity and supporters, which is exactly what any leader of a party would want.
    Considering these factors, I would conclude that the event was in fact staged, as The Guardian suggested.


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