A Networked Society

When  reading through this week’s task I knew I wanted to find an online resource that can help explain what Network Society really means.
Over Christmas I found out the names of the two theory modules I would be taking in the second term, one of them being “Network Society and the Media”. Now for me, Network society meant a society where everyone is online and connected to each other and I had never really thought about it in a bigger scale.

After doing a little bit of research online and trying to find out more about what a network society really means I really just found myself more clueless because of the sheer amount of information on it. All of the articles and webpages I found seemed to be too complex and over the top to grasp a general understanding of network society, so I went about finding a simplified version that used key bits of information to explain the general principle of it without going into unnecessary detail.
I found a blog called “Stuff I Think” The author takes information he has read from places such as the Oxford University Press and Castells, M. and puts it down in his own words to make it easier for his audience to understand. He bulletpoints 10 main characteristics of a network society making it a lot easier to grasp for first time readers on the subject.

Here Is My Online Resource



  1. This is a really useful online source to help understand the term ‘networked society’ in more depth, as I’ve struggled to fully understand the concept of a networked society whilst we are early on in the module. The listed characteristics of a networked society is great, informative and easy to read – good post!


  2. After reading this source, I found I understood the term ‘network society’ a lot more.

    I also like how simple it is to read, i.e. just having an introduction and bullet points of the characteristics and that the source isn’t too long so I didn’t get bored of reading it.


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