The Networked Society

I found a resource which I believe is helpful for students to understand what a networked society really means. It’s an explanatory video which uses cartoon diagrams to help explain what the term means. I think this would be useful for people studying this module because it clarifies the definition of a networked society, which some people might not fully understand. This might sound patronising, but I have been unsure about the definition of some things that were being discussed in classes, and therefore I think this video would be useful, and hopefully give students the ability to participate more in class discussions with a greater understanding of the topic.

The video helped me to further understand what is meant by a networked society with its diagrams, animated examples of how we are functioning as a network society and a basic formula which demonstrates its main components. I would recommend that other students watch this video to help themselves understand what this module is all about in simple terms, as it has helped me. Students could use it in presentations or refer back to it in assessed written work.



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  1. I found this a very good video. It’s a lot better to watch this than look at pages and pages of text. The way it portrays points and uses dialogue along with very helpful diagrams means a deep understanding can be acquired. This is very helpful for us doing this course and relates perfectly.


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