I know LinkedIn wont exactly be a new name for the majority of you to hear, but it is so beneficial to anyone searching for success. LinkedIn is an amazing website for students like us trying to find work experience or just trying to get some useful contacts into the industry they want to pursue after education.

When you very first sign up to LinkedIn it asks you what you are interested in using the website specifically for, it gives you the option of looking for possible jobs, building a professional network for yourself and even staying up to date with your chosen Industry. If you’re not looking for work experience in your first year of uni, its still so important to keep up to date with what is happening in your industry, after all it will eventually effect you. However if you are looking for experience LinkedIn helps you find contacts that can help you with your next career step. It is the world largest professional network, there are hundreds of thousands of employers that use this site. I have every intention of finishing my degree, but seeing as it is the media industry we are all hoping to get work in, which is sadly one of the hardest industries to succeed within, the best thing, as a student, you can show an employer after you degree is experience. It will give you the upper hand with every job. Its sadly no longer rare to have a degree so you need something that will make you stand out to an employer, not only experience but also knowing loads about your industry will really make a difference, because it shows awareness, passion and interest, all factors that will make you employable.

In my opinion, for students, there is nothing more important then a website that can give you contacts, that will help you get a job when you finish your degree. Thats why we are all here at uni, to succeed in what we want to do and in todays world you wont do that without going the extra mile. Something LinkedIn basically gives to you.


  1. It is a great help, that, I definitely agree with. But I always wonder… What happened to good old fashioned networking?
    So many unknown people always ask me to ‘connect’ with them on LinkedIn, but I always decline unless I know them or they are within my circle. I guess I’m still concerned with the disconnect thats constructed behind a computer screen. The TV show Catfish always comes to mind.

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  2. I never thought to use Linkedn now while I’m still in university as a way to just network and gain work experience. It’s definitely helpful to know that you can use it for work experience, I always thought to use it later when I was ready to look for a proper job. I agree that as media students it’s difficult to get a job without extensive experience.


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