BBC Radio 4 – The Media Show

I know it’s not exactly the most exciting station in the world, however, BBC Radio 4 have a weekly podcast that airs every Wednesday called The Media Show. Hosted by Steve Hewlett, it is a show where various people come on to discuss debates and topics that are involved in the modern media. They cover everything from sport to politics and the show really highlights some issues in the media and how the media do certain things.


I think it is incredibly helpful for us for during this module, the range of knowledge brought to the show by the various experts an academics offers great insight into the media that we are studying. The debate topics are usually very relevant and interesting, some might even be able to help us in the course.


A noteworthy episode is the BBC debate . It surrounds a subject we have spoke about throughout the year and i’m sure will continue to pop up throughout. There are many other episodes which will not only interest but benefit us on this course and that’s why this show is definitely worth a listen.


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