The Media Podcast

Upon my search for a useful online research for us, I found The Media Podcast.

Not only is it incredibly informative, it’s a nice contrast to obtaining information by our usual protocol of shoving our nose in a book. It’s also a great way to broaden your media consumption, assuming that like me you don’t listening to podcasts already in your free time.

The Media Podcast brands itself as “the most popular independent voice of the UK media industries”. Host, Olly Mann, sits down with some of today’s most influential media professionals and discusses hot topics and recent changes in the media industry.

A few of the podcasts ,for example, cover topics such as: “Would Channel 4 Survive Privatization?”, “David Schneider: making brands tweet good”, and “How Not to Pitch a TV Show”.

The podcast is a great way for us, as students, to get an insight on the thoughts of today’s media professionals on the issues and developments in the industry as they are happening now. Not to mention, a great way for us to gain tips from the people who we may very well be interviewing with for our future careers.


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