The Business side of Social media

Businesses approach to social media (How social media can impact businesses) is beneficial for this module as it is necessary to discuss the way in which businesses can profit from social media as well as how they can become influenced from users. The post looks at the relationship between users and businesses and the ways in which businesses can improve upon their products as they create a better relationship with their customer. I thought it is useful for the module as it looks at the power of social media and how it can influence not only people but organisations as well. I find it interesting how businesses now use it as a platform to generate new business ideas; they look at which celebrities are followed the most and try get them to endorse their brand. The other interesting aspect of this is that as a consumer if you purchased something expensive and it is not necessarily what you thought its going to be, chances are you may complain on social media to let your friends know about your horrible experience with the product. This in turn is giving those companies feedback and they did not exactly have to pay for that information. So in a sense people part of the social media world are giving these businesses ideas on how to improve on something but yet are not making any money from it.


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