I first came across this website accidentally when looking for volunteering jobs when trying to get some work experience for the summer. It’s literally a central hub for any news, information, jobs and statistics for newspapers, magazines, radio and television – which pretty much covers every course on this module.

Specifically for this module, the news section is very helpful. Updated regularly, it features any changes or new innovations that may have occurred in your chosen industry. This is constantly becoming more related to this ‘network society’  we live in, especially with advancements in mobile applications. An example of this is the new Capital XTRA app, which allows you to skip the songs you don’t like on live radio.

The website also allows you to get an email sent to you with all the latest news for your chosen industry as regular as you choose. This allows you to stay updated with all the news without actually having to go and search for it yourself.

As well as this, it’s also great in finding opportunities for advancing your career. The jobs section has plenty of both paid and unpaid opportunities which should definitely prove useful for the summer!


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  1. Having the news you want, ie from your industry, sent to you via email is a great idea. This allows regular updates wherever you are and keeps us all in the conversation, which is something this module focuses on. I found this website not only interesting but incredibly applicable to the module.


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