It is not the most unknown website in the world – and most of you have probably heard of it. But if that is not the case, I suggest everyone to regularly visit the website http://www.ted.com as they offer great talks from experts about interesting topics that do not only inform you about what is going on in the world. Moreover, they inspire you to think about topics from different perspectives and to make up your own mind.

I also picked this website because I think it will be very helpful for this module in particular. In the ‘Technology’ section of the website (http://www.ted.com/talks?language=en&topics%5B%5D=technology&sort=newest) you find various talks about subject matters that we discuss in our seminars. Covering an immense range of different questions: about social media platforms, the development of technologies and the internet in particular, about virtual reality and the question in how far technologies will be able to interact with human emotions, … and so on.

For example, I would like to indicate the TED talk by Zeynep Tufekci who talks about the perks and difficulties of online social change. She discusses the significance of social media by means of the recent happenings in Turkey and how people embrace new technologies and media platforms for activism, politics and empowerment in multiple ways.

Thus, I recommend this website as it is absolutely interesting and gives great incitements for the debates in the seminar.



  1. I had not visited this website before and when I started watching one video, I ended up watch more.

    I found the talk by Zeynep tufekci interesting and other videos, including that one, cover topics and talk about things most people may not think about.

    I think this website will be very useful for this module.


  2. Ted is an amazing website with a variety of video. Each video topic is done by industry professionals which really make you think about how we as a society work together. It also helps us to challenge our perceptions by dicussing many relatable issues in modern day society. I recently found a video led by Sherry Turkle called Connected, but alone?. Within the video she discusses how we incorporate technology into our life and the effects it has on the way we communicate with each other. Some of the points she bring up are similar to ones we discussed in our week 3 seminar. Overall this is a great source for this module.


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