What is interesting about the internet?

What I find most interesting about the internet is the fact we’re only ever a few clicks away from numerous platforms of communication. The internet has advanced dramatically in the past decade and we can now access pretty much whoever we wish without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. Communication through the internet is becoming on par with human interaction at a drastic rate and I feel in the coming years this will become our main platform of conversation. I’m hoping that we will navigate our way through innovation without loosing a hold of one another but the reality is, in my opinion, we are loosing the emotional connection of a face to face conversation because of what the internet offers us. Facebook is defined as a ‘social network’ but is it really social when your life is displaced on a computer screen? At this present time I think application such as Skype and FaceTime help fill the time between human interaction. For example, long distance relationships can benefit greatly from this as the two individuals can interact face to face without being with one another, this allowing them to keep up to date with each others lives. However, this could never become a substitute for the real thing. The globalisation of the internet keeps us interconnect between one another and this is why I believe it is so beneficial to society.


  1. I agree that communication through the internet is becoming on par with human interactivity. It’s crazy to think how much the internet has grown over 25 years and the fact that it still continues to grow. I also agree with the point on hoping we don’t lose the emotional connection through face to face conversations due to human interactivity being such a priority in our everyday lives, it’s what makes us who we are, giving us a true identity and personality, rather then then a vertical identity to our vertical ‘friends’.


  2. I completely agree with you, I have family in Australia and a boyfriend in another uni and Skype and Facetime do make distance a lot easier and therefore have become a big part of communication and interaction in todays society. However whilst they make it easier they’re no replacement for real face to face interaction and lacks a huge personal element when you are talking over a phone or computer screen. I love the fact that you can use the Internet to contact who ever you want where ever they’re instantly and cannot imagine life without that benefit anymore. I honestly don’t know how anyone would get anything done, like getting a job or even the application process for uni and then of course halls. But it is so important to not to fall into the trap of being addicted to social media and using it as your only way of social interaction, because that would be incredible unhealthy. People can be whoever they want to be behind a computer screen, people can catfish others using fake names or photos on accounts so therefore social media is not a replacement for human interaction but instead a substitute.


  3. I totally agree with you. Communication between people by the internet will never give us the same as face-to-face contact. However, we all know that using the internet to communicate is unavoidable. I think that it should be more an alternative source of communication, than the primary. Even apps like Skype or FaceTime will never give us the same feelings as a real talk.


  4. I agree with you, I think the internet is a great opportunity to communicate and stay in touch with people. Which is why I think it’s quite a hard question to answer if it actually makes us more unsocial or maybe even more social. Even though our parents still lived without social media and without all the other various online platforms (that inform us about job offers and housing opportunities), we now cannot at all imagine to be without it anymore. And I do think that we really couldn’t be without it anymore. If anyone would take it away from us again.

    As I’m from Germany I also share the experience of skyping and face timing with my family to stay in touch and have face to face conversations. Also, the internet did not only enable us to communicate all over the world, I think it even made us travel more and move to different countries – simply because it is not a drastic step anymore that means you will be separated from your family and friends. Hence why the internet did only only give us access to multicultural platforms, it made the world as multicultural as it is – because it makes us moving without to many worries.


  5. I agree with you. In addition to technical factors, such as network speed, lighting, audio and video quality, there is another big reason as well: Unable to make eye contact.
    If I stare at your eyes, then I must be looking at the screen, but this time you can not see me in the eye.
    But the role of emotional communication is great, especially two people who have long distance relationships. It would not be equal to the real thing.


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